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A2, IP20 Dim: 268(h)x90(w)x205(d)mm
A3, IP20 Dim: 268(h)x130(w)x205(d)mm

131B8870 FC-202PK37T4E20, 0.37kW, IP20, A2

131B8878 FC-202PK55T4E20, 0.55kW, IP20, A2

131B8886 FC-202PK75T4E20, 0.75kW, IP20, A2

131B8894 FC-202P1K1T4E20, 1.1kW, IP20, A2

131B9024, FC-202P22KT4E55H2, 22kW, IP55

131B9037, FC-202P30KT4E55H2, 30kW, IP55

P/N: 131F0881 FC-202P30KT4E55H3XG, 30KW, IP55

P/N 131F0823 FC-202P45KT4E55H3XG, 45KW

VLT High Power Drives FC-202 N-Series

134F0407 FC-202N110T4E20,110kW, IP20

134F7126 FC-202N132T4E20,132kW, IP20

134F7130 FC-202N160T4E20, 160kW, IP20

134F7131 FC-202N200T4E20, 200kW, IP20

FC-202PK37T4E20, FC-202PK75T4E20, FC-202P1K1T4E20, FC-202P1K5T4E20, FC-202P2K2T4E20, FC-202P3K0T4E20,
FC-202P4K0T4E20, FC-202P5K5T4E20, FC-202P7K5T4E20, FC-202P11KT4E20, FC-202P15KT4E20, FC-202P18KT4E20,
FC-202P22KT4E20, FC-202P30KT4E20, FC-202P37KT4E20, FC-202P45KT4E20, FC-202P55KT4E20, FC-202P75KT4E20,
FC-202P90KT4E20, FC-202P110T4E00, FC202P110T4E54, FC-202P132T4E00, FC-202P132T4E54, FC-202P160T4E00,
​FC-202P160T4E54, FC-202P200T4E00, FC-202P200T4E54, FC-202P250T4E00, FC-202P250T4E54, FC-202P315T4E00,
​​FC-202P315T4E54, FC-202P355T4E00, FC-202P355T4E54, FC-202P400T4E00, FC-202P400T4E54, FC202P450T4E00/E54​

VLT AQUA Drive FC202 Sellection Guild


VLT Aqua Drives

VLT Aqua Drives FC202

Vacon 0100-3L-0003-5, 1.1kW

Vacon 0100-3L-0004-5, 1.5kW

Vacon 0100-3L-0005-5, 2.2kW

Vacon 0100-3L-0008-5, 3kW

VLT MICRO, VLT 2800, VLT 6000 HVAC, VLT 8000 AQUA,  

Danfoss Malaysia VLT Drives


VLT AQUA Drive FC 202

VLT Drives FC102

VLT SoftStarter MCD500

VLT SoftStarter

Danfoss Soft Starter MCD500

MCD500 Opt. Instructions

175G5528 MCD5-0053B-T5-G1X-20-CV2, 25kW

175G5529 MCD5-0068B-T5-G1X-20-CV2, 30kW

175G5530 MCD5-0084B-T5-G1X-20-CV2, 37kW

175G5531 MCD5-0089B-T5-G1X-20-CV2, 45kW

Danfoss HPD FC-102, FC-202 & FC-302 N-series


Danfoss Inverter VLT AQUA FC202

MCD3015, MCD3018, MCD3022, MCD3022, MCD3037, MCD3037, MCD3045, MCD3055, MCD3075, MCD3090, MCD3110, MCD3132, MCD3185, MCD3220, MCD3300, MCD3315, MCD3400, MCD3500

Danfoss Soft starter MCD3000

Danfoss VLT HVAC Drive​ FC102

134F0374, FC-102N110T4E20H2XGCX


Danfoss Vacon 100 Flow

Vacon 100 Flow

Vacon Compact AC Drives ĘC Vacon 0020






ABB AC Drives ACS 580

ACS880 Single Drives


PowerFlex Low Voltage AC Drives

AB Soft Starter SMC-3


AuCom Soft Starter EMX3


Danfoss VLT Drive


134F6662, 380-480 VAC, 310Amp, IP54


Danfoss VLT HVAC Drive VLT 6000

Danfoss VLT6002, 175Z7002, 175Z7047

Danfoss VLT6003, 175Z7023, 175Z7048

Danfoss VLT6004, 175Z7024, 175Z7049

LCP Panel Mounting Kit, 130B1117

Control Panel LCP 102, 130B1107


FRN132F1S-4A, 182kVA


Mirus Auhf Lineator

VLT Active Harmonic Filter AAF 006

VLT Advanced Harmonic Filter

Danfoss Advance Active Harmonic Filter AAF 006 Spec

Pressure Transmitter PC5404 - 0 to 10 bar

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Power Flex Low Voltage AC Drives


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